"Lord, in my zeal for the love of truth, let me not forget the truth about love." - St. Thomas Aquinas

As the "Queen of Sciences", theology deserves pride of place in the curriculum at Cardinal Kung Academy.  It is the subject that ties all the others together. Students study scripture, dogmatic theology, moral theology and apologetics.  



History is studied chronologically, starting with ancient for freshmen, progressing to medieval for sophomores, renaissance through modern for juniors, and ending with United States history and government for seniors.


Alongside history, literature is also studied in  chronological order.  Freshmen study ancient literature at the same time they are studying ancient history.  Students then progress through  medieval literature, renaissance through modern literature, and finish with United States literature.


Traditional sciences courses are offered, starting either with physical science or biology, progressing through chemistry, physics and an optional advanced science.

The study of mathematics trains and develops the mind for higher ordered thinking.  Math courses begin with Algebra and continue through Calculus. Once enrolled, students are evaluated for proper placement.


In addition to being the language of the Church, Latin is the root of the vocabulary of science, medicine and law.  The study of Latin also aids in the development of analytical skills.  Three years of Latin are required for all students with an option for a fourth year AP Latin course.

Fine Arts

All students take music, art and art history, and drama each year.

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